Preventing Pollution in Mogan Lake

We believe that we can only leave a healthier physical and social environment to future generations through information and education sharing. With this belief, we realized our ‘Preventing Pollution in Mogan Lake’ project for a ‘livable world and a sustainable life’ in June 2012.

With this project; we aimed at raising awareness among our citizen regarding environmental pollution occurring in Mogan Lake which is a natural habitat for many different living species, as well as a resting and picnic area.

Mogan Lake is visited by 10 – 12 thousand citizens of Ankara during summer and therefore the litter accumulates and threatens the wildlife in the lake. Out of 456 bird species living in Turkey, 201 species resides in Mogan Lake and increase in environmental pollution constitutes a serious threat to the continuation of generations.

Against this threat, as Sedat Tahir Company, we distributed brochures and COOK garbage bags describing waste management to 10,000 Ankara citizens during a whole week in order to raise the awareness among our citizens about environmental pollution and try to increase the use of litter bags.

We present our thanks to students of Şahin Sevin Primary School contributed as environment volunteer, to Turkish Nature Protection Society and Mogan Park Management for their cooperation, also to Gölbaşı Governor Mr. Raşit TEMİZ for their support.