Our most powerful source: Human!

An organization, which has big goals and righteous principles, can succeed and develop with employees who believe in lifelong learning, and who embrace sustainable and ethical production. Since our establishment date of 1984; we know that we owe our success in Turkey and in the world to our teammates.

In the recruitment process, we ensure that the candidates with technical and personal qualifications are placed in the most suitable positions for them in line with our goals and working culture. We do not compromise our principle to be an organization preferred by those who want to work in long term and family warmth with our social, healthy and modern working environment. This production and human resources policy has been adopted by our management at every level. We support our team members’ internal and external training in order to supply the highest quality products and services to our customers whom we regard as our real employers.

We can quickly assess the personal success of each employee through our evaluation system, including creating value, solidarity and cooperation with all our teammates.

The leading players in our success both Turkey and in the world are our strongest sources with COOK and our other brands which are created by 100% domestic capital.

  • We aim to be better and more qualified every day since our first business day,
  • We are taking responsibility with the awareness that we are leaders in our industry,
  • We adopt quality as a way of life; we always aim to be an example to the environment with our behavior and our positive energy.
  • We always keep in mind that our actual employer is our customers,
  • We respect and adhere to the values of our organization,
  • We perform all the tasks with our highest energy,
  • Knowing that the world we live in does not only belong to us, we do not compromise the respect for nature and all living things in the world; we are working to leave a healthy inheritance to future generations.

You can reveal your true potential by taking a new position that suit your qualifications; You can be the leader of the future thanks to our organizational structure that adopts the concept of ‘internal promotion’.

You can improve yourself with in-house and outsourced trainings organized for our team members at every level; you can add value to your career journey.

You can be part of an institution that attaches great importance to law and ethics and good faith and understanding in all relations