3 times more fresh Vegetables and Fruits…

We designed the Fruit and Vegetable Bags to keep your vegetables, fruits and all spices fresh for a long time and protect their smell, taste and vitamins. The air pores on the Fruit & Vegetable Bag helps to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

After vegetables and fruits have been removed from their cultivation, although their intake of various nutrients from the soil has come to an end, they still take oxygen and give carbon dioxide meaning they remain alive. Since their metabolism is completely stopped when they are stored in the freezer, fresh vegetables and fruits need to continue to breathe in order to keep their freshness under the refrigerator conditions and stay alive.

Vegetable-fruit bags provide freshness for up to 3 times longer than when stored in an anaerobic environment or interacting with air.

Thanks to its easy to open and close lock mechanism, you can wash and reuse vegetables and fruit bags that provide easy and safe use.