Healthy and delicious food that preserves nutritional value.

You can cook all kinds of foods, including meat varieties and vegetables, without adding oil by using the oven bags which we introduced to Turkey in 1985 with COOK brand. Oven bags provide equal cooking of food, protect their flavor, odor and nutritional values and prevent desiccation. It eliminates the need of cleaning your after baking and shortens the cooking time.

As per the Turkish Food Codex, oven bags can be used in normal or microwave ovens in temperatures not exceeding 200 degrees. Our oven bags with two different length options are produced in folded or packed form. The machine-folded oven bags retain their shape with the use of pet or metal fasteners until they are being used.

Our fully-hygienic oven bags do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate derivatives which play an active role in producing materials such as plastic, nylon, polyester and PVC.