2014 Let’s Do It / Clean World Day

“Litters to Garbage Bags, not Nature!”

The project, which was initiated by a group of environmental volunteers in 2008 as Cleaning Day event in Europe for the first time, was transformed into ‘Let’s Do It! Clean World’ in 2012. Since then the project has become an organization attended by 9 million people worldwide. In our country, events have been organized with the participation of environmental volunteers in various cities since 2012 within the scope of the project.

The “Clean World Movement” which is organized on the same day all over the world, was organized on 2014, May 10th within the main sponsorship of Çankaya Municipality in Ankara. In order to draw attention to the increasing environmental pollution, we supported the environment cleaning event that took place in the METU Forest Land with Environment Volunteers from Ankara with the motto “Litters to Garbage Bags, not Nature!”