BRC Packaging

The world’s leading brand and consumer protection organization, BRC Global Standards (British Retail Cooperative), which was established in 1996 by suppliers aiming to harmonize food safety standards, was acquired by LGC Group, a life sciences measurement and testing company in 2016. It ensures the compliance with the safety and operating standards of the enterprise guarantees that the producers fulfill their legal obligations and protect the end consumer.

BRC Global Standards certifications; means that the enterprises are audited in accordance with the criteria set out in food, packaging, storage, distribution, retail and consumer products standards and good production practices and that the products are safe, legal and high quality.

BRC Packaging Certificate, states that the organization meets the highest technical standards; and complies with the production of safe, legal and high quality packaging products. Standard consists of 6 sections which covers commitment and continuous improvement, hazard and risk management system, technical management systems, business standards, process control and personnel training and hygiene.